Account Template

An account template is a user account in Microsoft Windows systems created with User Manager for Domains that has common group memberships and account restrictions. The administrator can copy the template and make a few modifications to easily create new accounts.

Account Template

How it Works

As an example, an administrator might create an account called MarketingUserTemplate, assign it membership in the marketing global group, and set a logon hours restriction and home directory location.

Next, to create new marketing user accounts in User Manager for Domains, the administrator selects the MarketingUserTemplate account, and then selects User and Copy from the menu to create a copy of the account template with the same membership and restrictions.

The administrator then assigns a user name, full name, description, and password to the new account; clicks Add; and continues creating more marketing user accounts.


Do not assign any rights and permissions to an account template because these will not be copied to the new accounts. Disable the account template so that no one can use it to log on to the network.

Add an underscore to the beginning of your account templates (for example, _MarketUserTemplate) so that these will always be visible at the top of the User Manager for Domains window.



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