Address Book View

Definition of Address Book View in Network Encyclopedia.

What is Address Book View

Address Book View is a virtual container in Microsoft Exchange that lets Microsoft Exchange Server administrators group recipients according to common attributes. These containers are created automatically when you establish the defining attributes for the address book view.

What is Address Book View

For example, using the Exchange Administrator program, you could create an address book view called By Department and use the Department attribute of the recipients in your Exchange organization to automatically generate various address book view containers called Sales, Marketing, Management, and so on.

Each address book view container will contain only those recipients that belong to a specific department. For instance, when users access the global address list using Microsoft Outlook, these containers will be visible in their address books, along with their recipients. This allows users to more quickly address e-mail to recipients in a particular department instead of scrolling down the entire global address list.

You can also create multilevel address book views. For example, you could create a first level of virtual containers sorted by Country, followed by a second level sorted by State.If you use the Exchange Administrator program to move a recipient from one address book view to another, the recipient takes on the defining attributes of the new address book view.