Administrative Management Domain (ADMD)

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What is Administrative Management Domain (ADMD)

ADMD in X.400 messaging, is a message-handling system (MHS) that is managed by a registered private agency. Administrative Management Domains (ADMDs) are usually large public telecommunications carriers such as MCI WorldCom and AT&T.

This is in contrast to a Private Management Domain (PRMD), which represents a message-handling system managed by a private corporation. In the X.400 world, PRMDs cannot communicate directly with each other; instead, they must communicate through ADMDs.

ADMD Example
ADMD Example

All the ADMDs in the world therefore form a kind of messaging backbone for global X.400 communication.The ADMD is the second field in a typical X.400 originator/recipient (O/R) address and is located right after the country field.


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