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What is Administrator

Administrator (in computer networking) is generally, a person who has full rights and permissions to all resources on a network.

The administrator is usually responsible for installing, managing, and controlling servers and networking components. Administrators can also modify the properties of user accounts and the membership of groups, create and manage security printers, install printers, share resources, and assign permissions to those resources.

Administrator (Networking)
Administrator (Networking)

In Microsoft Windows Server, the Administrator account is a built-in account whose password is defined during installation.

Administrator responsibilities

  • Allocating and adding disk storage space.
  • Designing or redesigning the network.
  • Expanding the network.
  • Helping employees with computer questions.
  • Installing and upgrading computers and network equipment on the network.
  • Managing filters and rules (e.g., ACL’s, firewalls, QoS, spam filters).
  • Monitoring the network.
  • Resetting usernames and passwords.
  • Setting up a network, network device, or computers on the network.
  • Testing a network for security vulnerabilities.

You can rename the default Administrator account, but you cannot delete it. If you rename the account, make sure you remember what the new name is!


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