Client for NetWare Networks

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What is Client for NetWare Networks?

Client for NetWare Networks is a Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows 2000 networking component that makes it possible to access file and print services on Novell NetWare servers. Client for NetWare Networks requires that the IPX/SPX-Compatible Protocol be installed. Client for NetWare Networks cannot be used for accessing Microsoft servers such as Windows NT Server and Windows 2000.

Client for NetWare Networks
Client for NetWare Networks

You must install Client for Microsoft Networks to access these servers. Windows 95 and Windows 98 allow you to install more than one client at a time to access different kinds of servers on the network.

How it works

Use the Network utility in Control Panel to install Client for NetWare Networks on a computer running Windows 95 or Windows 98. Then use the property sheet of Client for NetWare Networks to configure the preferred NetWare server, to select the first drive letter to use for mapping network drives from NetWare command-line utilities, and to enable processing of logon scripts on the preferred server.

Client for NetWare Networks can connect to earlier servers

Client for NetWare Networks can connect to NetWare 3 and earlier servers, or NetWare 4 servers running in bindery emulation mode. If you want to use Client for NetWare Networks to connect to a NetWare 4 server running Novell Directory Services (NDS), you must also install Service for NetWare Directory Services on the Windows 95 or Windows 98 client. This service is available with Windows 95 OSR2 or Service Pack 1 for Windows 95, and is included with Windows 98.

Remove any real-mode NetWare requestor

Before installing Client for NetWare Networks on a computer running Windows 95 or Windows 98, make sure you remove any real-mode NetWare requestor software running on the machine, such as NETX or VLM.


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