Measuring Distances with a single button: Bosh GLM165-10 is it a good choice?

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Bosch Tool’s laser measure division has been hard at work making these very handy laser distance measures very easy to use.

Bosh GLM 165-10
Bosh GLM 165-10

Measuring Distance and Calculating Area

This light tool only needs one button to operate. Press to turn on and it stays in auto-measure mode the whole time.

Hold the button down until it powers up. A laser indicator flashes on the display. To turn it off push down the button and hold it for 3 seconds.

Once switched on, the measuring tool is in the real-time measuring mode. Lase is now activated and tool is measuring.

The rear edge of the measuring tool is always the reference point for the measurement that is being taken. Place the measuring tool against the desired starting point of the measurement (e.g. a wall).

Measuring functions:

  • Real-Time Measurement: For real-time measurements, the measuring tool can be moved relative to the target. In this manner, for example, the distance displayed on the screen will change in real-time as you move further or closer to the measured target.
  • Auto Total for Square Footage or Square Meters: The auto total feature automatically calculates the product of two individual measurements (e.g. to determine square footage/meters). Attention, the auto-total value is not saved. It is erased as soon as a third measurement is taken.

Three units of measure

You can change the units to SI (International System of Units) in meters. To change the unit of measure switch off the equipment. Then, press the only button and hold it down. The display will alternately show three units of measure. When the desired setting is displayed, release the button. That setting will automatically be saved.

Disadvantages of Bosh GLM165-10

  • Indoor use only recommended – we can’t see the display on a shiny day.
  • Display a little hard to read because of its small size.
  • Due to physical effects, faulty measurements cannot be excluded when measuring on different surfaces. Included here are:
    • Transparent surfaces (e.g., glass, water),
    • Reflecting surfaces (e.g., polished metal, glass),
    • Porous surfaces (e.g. insulation materials),
    • Structured surfaces (e.g., roughcast, natural stone)

Bosh GLM165-10 Pros

  • Very small (pocket size).
  • Extreme precision and accuracy.
  • Automatically calculates square footage with a push of a button.
Accuracy+1 1/16 IN.
Range165 FT.
Laser Class2
IP Rating54
Weight.22 LBS.

So, should I buy the Bosh GLM165-10 or not?

This is a great tool, one of the best, for occasional use. You can carry this tool with you with no effort all the time.

A laser tape measure would be useful to anyone working on a construction or remodeling project, both professional and amateur, such as contractors, electricians, carpentry, masonry, interior designers, homeowners etc. If you work alone, this is something you want to have with you.

For intense use, there are other tools with a lot of useful functions. But the ocasional user wants to keep it simple and easy. Bosh GLM165-10 is the perfect laser measuring tool. It’s definitely a must-buy!

A Bosh GLM165-10 review (video) from an auto-repair mechanic perspective

Bosch GLM165-10


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