Best Cabinet for Small Office: NavePoint 15U 600mm Depth Networking Cabinet

4.0 rating

Great price, excellent product

After searching for a while we think we found the best choice for organizing cabling and networking equipment of a relatively small business.

NavePoint 15U 600mm Depth Networking Cabinet
NavePoint 15U – the best choice for small business

NavePoint’s Pro Series Cabinet line is the perfect solution for organizing and securing your rack-mounted networking equipment. This cabinet can be wall-mounted and is best used when floor space is at a minimum. The Pro Series features a tinted tempered glass door, locks and come with
L Brackets. Your equipment is guaranteed to stay cool with the included fans and strategically placed ventilation.

NavePoint 15U features

  • Dimensions (HxWxD)(in): 31×23.5×23.5
  • Maximum Rail Depth (in.): 20.5
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 73.1
  • Weight Capacity (lbs): 132
  • Paint: Powder Coating-Black
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel (1.2mm) Welded Frame Structure
  • Door: Tempered Glass Door-Tinted/Reversible
  • Interior Rails Mounting: Square unthreaded cage nut opening
  • Cable Management: Cable Punch-outs located on top and bottom panel
  • Security: Locks included for Door and Side Panels
  • Cooling: 2 Fans included. Strategically placed ventilation for increased airflow
  • Shelving: Includes 1 set of “L” Brackets
  • Mounting: Mounting bar included
  • Assembly: Assembly required
  • Fits Standard 19″ rack-mount equipment
  • Grounding Lug included
  • (3) Three Component Shelves Included

Frequently asked questions

There is a glass door on the front. Is that temperate glass?

Yes, it’s a glass door. Yes, it’s temperate glass, slightly tinted. It’s pretty solid. Once they’re together they’re solid and the glass would be difficult to smash.

What are the dimensions of the ventilation fans?

The fans are 120mm.

How loud is this unit fans (in dB)?

The fans are very quiet. it really depends on how close you are. But technically, it’s 43dB.

Can you show me the assembling instructions?

You can download the instructions here.


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