Cookie Policy

Revision: November 12, 2023 (CP-001-2023)

Welcome to Network Encyclopedia’s Cookie Policy. This page is dedicated to explaining how we utilize cookies and similar tracking technologies when you engage with our website. By “our website”, we’re referring to all the interfaces we manage — our web pages, emails, applications, and any services that direct you to this policy.

Our approach to digital privacy is fluid, adapting to new technologies and regulations. We encourage you to review the “Revision” date at the top of this page to determine when this Cookie Policy was last updated. Any amendments to this policy take effect immediately upon being published on our website.

First Party Cookies

These are cookies that we set directly within our domain to enrich your experience with personalized features. Examples include remembering your language preferences or maintaining your logged-in status.

Third Party Cookies

These cookies originate from domains that are not our website. They’re primarily used for our marketing and advertising initiatives, helping us understand how you interact with our content.

Session Cookies

These temporary cookies are active during your browser session on our website. They cease to exist once you close your browser.

Persistent Cookies

Unlike session cookies, persistent cookies remain on your browser for a set duration or until you choose to remove them. They remember your preferences and actions across the website.

Browser Settings

Your web browser allows you to modify your cookie settings. While you have the right to block cookies, doing so may degrade your overall user experience and limit the functionality of our website.

For guidance on cookie management, you may wish to consult the “All About Cookies” resource.

If you wish to prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics, Google provides instructions on how to do this.

Should you want to reset your device identifier, you can follow the respective instructions for Google and Apple devices.