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  • WiFi Booster: Boost Your Signal Today

    WiFi Booster: Boost Your Signal Today

    Discover how a WiFi Booster can revolutionize your internet experience by extending signal range and improving connectivity. Learn more now!

  • Layer 2 Switch

    Layer 2 Switch

    This article describes Layer 2 Switch, a form of Ethernet switch. How it operates and when to use it.

  • Layer 4 Switch

    Layer 4 Switch

    An in-depth look at layer 4 switches, exploring their sophisticated architecture and functions. Uncover how these essential devices shape the core of modern network communication.

  • Cable Modem

    Cable Modem

    Cable Modem is a device that allows your computer to access the Internet through dedicated broadband transmission networking services by means of your home cable TV (CATV) connection.

  • AUI Connector: Evolution, Legacy, and Modern Relevance

    AUI Connector: Evolution, Legacy, and Modern Relevance

    AUI is an acronym for Attachment Unit Interface connector, a standard 15-pin connector device for thicknet or 10Base5 cabling. The AUI connector on the free end of the drop cable attaches to the DB15 connector on the network interface card (NIC). The NIC has an AUI port connector for connecting the drop cable.

  • Hub


    Hub also called a repeater hub, is the basic networking component used in traditional 10-Mbps Ethernet networks to connect network stations to form a local area network (LAN).

  • Ethernet Switch

    Ethernet Switch

    Sometimes simply called a switch (when referring to Ethernet networking hardware), a networking component used to connect workgroup hubs to form a larger network or to connect stations that have high bandwidth needs.

  • Switch


    Switch is any device that can control the flow of electrical signals. A number of special-purpose switches are used in networking.

  • Patch Panel

    Patch Panel

    Patch Panel is a rack-mounted panel with a series of connectors that provides a branching-out point for network cabling to leave the wiring closet and make horizontal runs to wall plates in the work areas.

  • Channel Service Unit (CSU) Unraveled

    Channel Service Unit (CSU) Unraveled

    Channel Service Unit or CSU is a digital communication device that is used to connect a digital line to a digital device.

  • WiFi Range Extender

    WiFi Range Extender

    You can expand your Wifi network with a Wifi Range Extender (or WiFi Repeater). See how it works and how easy is to set it up.