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  • Zero-Day Vulnerabilities: Surviving the Unknown

    Zero-Day Vulnerabilities: Surviving the Unknown

    Delve into the intricate world of zero-day vulnerabilities—what they are, how they’re exploited, and what you can do to protect against them. Your comprehensive guide to understanding zero-days.

  • Unleashing Nostalgia: The ZX Spectrum

    Unleashing Nostalgia: The ZX Spectrum

    Welcome to the extraordinary story of the ZX Spectrum, a revolutionary machine that defined an era and captured the hearts of countless enthusiasts.

  • Zone Transfer

    Zone Transfer

    Zone Transfer (in a DNS Server) is the process of transferring information in the zone file on a primary name server to a secondary name server.

  • Zone File (DNS)

    Zone File (DNS)

    Zone File is a file on a name server that contains information that defines the zone that the name server manages.

  • DNS Zone

    DNS Zone

    DNS Zone also called a zone of authority, is a subset of the Domain Name System (DNS) namespace that is managed by a name server.

  • Zero Administration Kit (ZAK)

    Zero Administration Kit (ZAK)

    ZAK (Zero Administration Kit) is a tool collection, methodologies, and guidelines for Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4 that network administrators can use to implement policy-based management of Windows NT–based networks.