Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Applications (DNA) Architecture

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What is Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Applications (DNA) Architecture?

Windows DNA Architecture is an application development model from Microsoft for highly adaptable business solutions that use Microsoft’s digital nervous system paradigm.

Windows DNA Architecture
Windows DNA

The Windows DNA framework includes support for client/server PC-based computing and Web services for building a new class of distributed computing solutions for the Windows platform. It leverages the integrated services of the Windows platform and the Component Object Model (COM).

How it works

Windows DNA services are exposed in a uniform way through COM for use by distributed applications and include these core elements:

  • Presentation services: Include support for Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), scripting, components, and the Win32 application programming interface (API) 
  • Application services: Include Internet Information Services (IIS), message queuing services, transaction services, and COM+ 
  • Data services: Include ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and OLE DB 
  • System services: Include services for security, management, directory, networking, and communication 

To use Windows DNA, simply follow this process:

  1. Separate your application into three logical tiers – presentation, business logic, and data.
  2. Select the Windows components and technologies for your presentation level that provide your client with a suitable interface.
  3. Write COM components to implement your business logic using the application services of Windows 2000 or Windows NT.
  4. Use ADO to access data, and use OLE DB to expose data for your third tier.

Windows DNA is a comprehensive integrated development platform that makes development of distributed applications using a language-independent process faster and easier. It is interoperable with existing enterprise applications and legacy systems.

Windows Distributed interNet Applications (DNA) Architecture - Windows DNA
Windows Distributed interNet Applications (DNA) Architecture