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  • ALIAS Meaning in Computer Networking

    ALIAS Meaning in Computer Networking

    Explore the diverse applications of the term “ALIAS” in the realms of computer networking and technology. From UNIX commands to email management, learn how aliases simplify complex processes and improve efficiency.

  • Auditing


    Auditing is the process of tracking and monitoring actions is performed on servers. Auditing is an important component of a general security policy for a corporate network. Auditing can be used to detect attempts at unauthorized access to network resources and to track the usage of shared resources.



    Delve into ASCII, the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, which encodes English text for digital communication, featuring a complete guide to its characters and practical uses.

  • Understanding ASCII Files: The Basics of Text File Encoding

    Understanding ASCII Files: The Basics of Text File Encoding

    An ASCII File is a file that contains unformatted ASCII text: only characters, numbers, punctuation, tabs, and carriage return characters.

  • autoexec.bat


    Autoexec.bat is a batch file used by the MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.1 operating systems.

  • Automation (OLE Automation)

    Automation (OLE Automation)

    Automation makes it possible for one application to manipulate objects implemented in another application, or to expose objects so they can be manipulated.

  • Automatic Skip Driver Agent (ASD)

    Automatic Skip Driver Agent (ASD)

    Step back in time to explore the Automatic Skip Driver (ASD) Agent in Windows 98, a key player in system stability and user experience.

  • Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio (ACR)

    Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio (ACR)

    ACR stands for Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio is the ratio of the received strength of a signal on a pair of wires to the amount of crosstalk between the wires.

  • AT Command

    AT Command

    AT Command is a set of instructions used to control a modem. AT is the abbreviation of ATtention. Every command line starts with “AT” or “at” and that is why modem commands are called AT commands. AT Command is also a tool that can be used to schedule the execution of commands, batch files, and…

  • Asynchronous Transmission

    Asynchronous Transmission

    Asynchronous Transmission is a mode of serial transmission for modems and other telecommunication devices in which the data is transmitted as a continuous stream of bytes separated by start and stop bits.

  • Authorized Academic Training Program (AATP)

    Authorized Academic Training Program (AATP)

    Explore the transition from Microsoft’s AATP to its current certified training solutions. Dive into the past and present of tech education.

  • Autodial


    Dive into the history of autodial in computer networking, exploring its significance during the dial-up era, its advantages, challenges, and its enduring legacy in today’s digital landscape.