Connection Point Services (CPS)

Definition of CPS in the Network Encyclopedia.

What is Connection Point Services?

Connection Point Services was a component of Internet Connection Services for Microsoft Remote Access Service (RAS) that provided users with a central location for managing and distributing network access numbers.

Connection Point Services (CPS) will automatically check a subscriber’s phone book and download updates if required. CPS can also be used to merge a corporate phone book of network access numbers with phone books from an Internet service provider (ISP).

CPS has two components:

  • Phone Book Service: Downloads a phone book by comparing the phone book on the subscriber’s computer with those in the CPS database. This ensures that subscribers always have an up-to-date directory of network access numbers. 
  • Phone Book Administrator: Creates new phone books or edits existing ones. You can create and maintain multiple phone books, both public and private, and post phone book information to the Phone Book Service.


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