Fractional T1

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What is Fractional T1?

Fractional T1 is a type of Internet connection. A fractional T1 line is a T1 line, leased by a T-carrier service provider to a customer, that carries only a fraction of the regular T1 bandwidth of 1.544 Mbps.

Regular T1 lines consist of 24 DS0 channels multiplexed together, while fractional T1 lines consists of fewer than 24 channels. Fractional T1 lines typically consist of a combination of nailed-up channels and switched channels.

 Fractional T1 example diagram
Fractional T1 example diagram

The technology of fractional T-carrier services is the same as that of regular T-carrier services; the extra channels are simply unused. Customers might want to lease fractional T1 services when they don’t require the entire bandwidth (or cost) of a regular T1 line.

A more secure connection

A T1 line provides a direct connection between the users and the service provider. This connection is considered to be secure because there is a direct link to the provider, whether the connection is fractional or not. These lines are also dedicated communication transmissions. So, unlike with DSL and ISDN, nobody can intervene in your T1 while it’s being used.


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