Help (Microsoft)

Help (in computer networking) is any of several systems of online help for Microsoft products.

What is Help (Microsoft)?

Any of several systems of online help for Microsoft products. The type of help features available depend on the nature of the product, the date of release, and the context in which it is invoked.

Examples of help functions include the following:

  • Help Topics: Choose Help from the Start menu in Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 98, or Windows 95 to open a Help Topics window with three tabs: Contents (to browse the help database using a hierarchical set of book icons), Index (to type the topic you want help on and then display the appropriate entry), and Find (named Search in Windows 98 and Windows 2000, to conduct a full-text keyword search of the help database). Windows 2000 includes a fourth tab, Favorites, that lets you save links to Help topics. 
  • What’s This?: To find information about a setting in a dialog box or property sheet, right-click the item and choose What’s This? from the context menu, or click the question mark button at the top right of the dialog box. 
  • F1 key: To get context-sensitive help at any point, press the F1 function key. 
  • Browser-based help: New Microsoft products such as Windows NT Option Pack provide access to their help database through a standard browser application such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4
  • Books Online: Many Microsoft products have additional user manuals in an online format that you can access from the Start menu.


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