Home Area Network (HAN)

HAN, Home Area Network, is a network that facilitates communication among devices with network capabilities within the close vicinity of a home.

What is HAN (Home Area Network)?

HAN, Home Area Network, is a type of network that allows different computers and other network devices in any room to share resources, including the internet access.

Today, almost every house have a router who provides internet access to all devices with TCP/IP connection. That includes the traditional computer or laptop, smartphones, smart-TVs, game consoles, security cameras, and even the latest home appliances (IoT).

A typical architecture of a Home Are Network:

Home Area Network
Home Area Network

Currently (2019), Internet Service Providers offer fiber-optic network directly to our home providing a very fast service for TV streaming, gaming and VoIP services. All communications run through a TCP/IP connection between our home router and our Internet Service Provider.

Inside our home, we usually have one or more wireless access points to ensure full wi-fi signal coverage.

Devices and Services

  • Computers such as desktops, laptops, netbooks, and tablets
  • Network-attached storage (NAS) device
  • Network Printers
  • Smartphones connected via Wi-Fi
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart TV’s and DVRs (access to services such as Netflix and YouTube)
  • Stereo systems with network connectivity that allow a user to easily access their music library stored on a PC or NAS
  • Video game consoles for multiplayer games and social network integration
  • Security alarms
  • Garage door and gate openers
  • HVAC (keeping your house warm or cold)
  • Smoke/CO detectors
  • Media Players or Streaming Devices like Apple TV (read our lastest Apple TV 4K review 2019)


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