Internet Locator Service (ILS)

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What is ILS (Internet Locator Service)?

ILS stands for Internet Locator Service, is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory service running on a server that lets users of Microsoft NetMeeting locate and contact other NetMeeting users to conference and collaborate over the Internet or over a private TCP/IP internetwork. The Internet Locator Service (ILS) replaces the earlier User Locator Service (ULS) technology.

How it works

Microsoft Commercial Internet System (MCIS) has an ILS service that functions as a memory-resident database for storing dynamic directory information about NetMeeting users. This information, which includes a user’s name, company, and IP address, is stored in an Active Directory Global Catalog and can be accessed by any LDAP client, such as NetMeeting.

ILS - Internet Locator Service
ILS – Internet Locator Service

Clients periodically refresh the information in the ILS database. Users can access the ILS using LDAP to place a call to other NetMeeting users and to determine which NetMeeting users are currently logged on to the ILS.

Using Active Server Pages (ASP), you can design a customizable Web interface that displays who is currently online and allows users to search for other users and initiate NetMeeting sessions with them.


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