Microsoft Fax Service

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What is Microsoft Fax Service?

The Microsoft Windows Fax Service component specifies settings for faxes, including how they are sent, received, viewed, and printed. (see Microsft Windows Fax Service from Microsoft’s Website)

Microsoft Fax Service
Microsoft Fax Service

Microsoft Fax Service was also a component of Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server that provided fax services to clients over the network. You could use Microsoft Fax Service to send and receive faxes over any Class 1 fax modem on the Small Business Server Recommended Hardware List. The fax client software was installed on client machines using the Set Up Computer Wizard. Users could fax both documents and e-mail messages using Fax Service.

How It Works

Fax Service creates shared fax printers on Small Business Server. You can add a fax printer to your Printers folder the same way that you add any other shared network printer. You can print documents using the fax printer or address e-mail messages to fax recipients. Small Business Server then dials the recipient and sends the fax.

When incoming faxes arrive, you can have Fax Service print them, save them in a shared folder, or route them to a user’s mailbox.

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