Offline Browsing

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What is Offline Browsing?

Offline Browsing is a feature of Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows users to browse cached or subscribed Web content when they are not connected to the Internet. Offline browsing is an easy way to browse Web content on a laptop when an Internet connection is not available.

Users can surf their history folder to view recently accessed Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). If users click on an unsaved link, they are notified that they are working offline and are asked whether they would like to connect to the Internet to access the resource.

How to Make Web Pages Available for Offline Viewing

When you add a Web page to your Favorites list, you can specify that the page be available for offline browsing, indicate how deep you want to be able to browse the page’s links offline, and specify how you want to keep the offline content up to date. To view the site offline later, you can

  • Choose Synchronize from the Favorites menu to manually synchronize offline content
  • Choose Work Offline from the File menu to switch to offline browsing mode
  • Select the item from your Favorites list

To leave Work Offline mode, choose Work Offline from the File menu.

For more information read this article from Microsoft’s website.


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