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What is RPC Ping?

RPC Ping is a client/server utility included with Microsoft Exchange Server for testing for remote procedure call (RPC) connectivity between two locations on a network.

 RPC Ping example
RPC Ping example

The server portion of RPC Ping runs on an Exchange server and responds to requests from the RPC Ping client. RPC connectivity is essential between all Exchange servers in the same site.

RPC-based mail client

If an RPC-based mail client such as Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to an Exchange server in its site, perform the following tests:

  1. Check network connectivity between the client and the server to try to map a network drive to a shared folder on the server by typing the Net Use command at the command prompt on the client. If this fails, you might have a hardware failure such as a failed network interface card (NIC), a loose cable, or a configuration problem with your networking protocol (such as an erroneous IP address).
  2. If network connectivity is successful, you might have a problem with the RPC binding order on the client. Try modifying this binding order in the registry.
  3. If the client still cannot connect to the server, run the server-side component of RPC Ping on the server to test which protocols RPC can bind with and which protocols can be accepted by the client. This server-side component of RPC Ping is called Rpings. Run the client-side component of RPC Ping (Rpingc32 on computers running Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, and Windows 95) to test RPC connectivity with the Exchange server. If Rpingc32 works for a specific protocol, rearrange the RPC binding order on the client so that this protocol is first.


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