Advanced Infrared (AIr)

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What is Advanced Infrared (AIr)

AIr is a connectivity technology for high-speed, low-cost infrared (IR) networking developed by IBM. IBM is the first vendor to release products based on the Advanced Infrared (AIr) standard and is working with the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) to standardize the technology.

AIr - Advanced Infrared - Infrared Thermal Imaging
AIr – Advanced Infrared

How It Works

AIr allows ad hoc multipoint wireless peer-to-peer connections to be formed simultaneously between multiple wireless information appliances such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), cellular phones, laptops, and digital cameras. The devices must be within 8 meters of each other to reliably communicate without interference.

AIr ports can receive signals within a 120-degree cone, which means that the ports need not be precisely aimed at each other to achieve reliable transmission. AIr currently supports data throughput of up to 4 Mbps for direct line-of-sight communication, but it can interoperate with the existing slower IrDA 1.1 standard, and it supports the Very Fast Infrared (VFIR) standard currently under development.

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