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  • Network Security Auditing in Windows Environments

    Network Security Auditing in Windows Environments

    Uncover the essentials of network security auditing in Windows environments, from audit policies to advanced tools and best practices.

  • Ashton-Tate: The dBase Creators

    Ashton-Tate: The dBase Creators

    Ashton-Tate was a software company that was best known for developing the popular dBASE database application. It was founded in 1980 by Hal Lashlee and George Tate.

  • AXFR Request

    AXFR Request

    AXFR Request is a type of Domain Name System (DNS) request in which a secondary DNS server requests the update of information from a master DNS server.

  • Asymmetric Encryption

    Asymmetric Encryption

    Asymmetric encryption requires the use of two keys: a private key that is known only by its owner and a public key that is readily available to those who need to use it.

  • Aloha Network

    Aloha Network

    ALOHA NETWORK, was a networking system developed at the University of Hawaii in the late 1960s.  Norman Abramson and his colleagues developed a radio network for communication among the Hawaiian Islands. This system was an early experiment in the development of mechanisms for sharing a common communications channel – in this case, a common radio channel.…

  • Understanding the autochk.exe file

    Understanding the autochk.exe file

    Uncover the essentials of Autochk in Windows: Learn how this key utility maintains system integrity, how to use it, and manage its settings for optimal performance.

  • AWG (American Wire Gauge)

    AWG (American Wire Gauge)

    AWG is an acronym for American Wire Gauge, a specification for the diameter of conducting wires. The higher the AWG number, the thinner the wire. Category 5 cabling is usually AWG 24 wire (0.020 inch or 0.511 millimeter in diameter), while thicknet generally uses AWG 12 wire (0.080 inch or 2.050 millimeters in diameter). The…

  • Authenticode


    Unlock the secrets of Microsoft’s Authenticode: Verify publishers and safeguard software integrity. Your go-to guide for robust cybersecurity.

  • AUI Connector: Evolution, Legacy, and Modern Relevance

    AUI Connector: Evolution, Legacy, and Modern Relevance

    AUI is an acronym for Attachment Unit Interface connector, a standard 15-pin connector device for thicknet or 10Base5 cabling. The AUI connector on the free end of the drop cable attaches to the DB15 connector on the network interface card (NIC). The NIC has an AUI port connector for connecting the drop cable.

  • Attrib Command

    Attrib Command

    ATTRIB is a Microsoft Windows command that can be used to display and modify the attributes of files and directories. You can use the attrib command to display and modify the archive, system, hidden, and read-only attributes that can be assigned to files and directories.

  • ALIAS Meaning in Computer Networking

    ALIAS Meaning in Computer Networking

    Explore the diverse applications of the term “ALIAS” in the realms of computer networking and technology. From UNIX commands to email management, learn how aliases simplify complex processes and improve efficiency.

  • Auditing


    Auditing is the process of tracking and monitoring actions is performed on servers. Auditing is an important component of a general security policy for a corporate network. Auditing can be used to detect attempts at unauthorized access to network resources and to track the usage of shared resources.