Advanced Streaming Format (ASF)

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What is Advanced Streaming Format (ASF)

ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) is a method of streaming data supported by Microsoft NetShow. Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) supports video, audio, images, URLs, and scripts. ASF streams can combine different types of data, allowing you to stream presentations involving slides and audio narration.

ASF -  Advanced Streaming Format
ASF – Advanced Streaming Format

Using the NetShow Real-Time Encoder, you can generate live ASF streams that contain audio and video. You can also use tools provided with NetShow to create and store ASF files that you can later stream. NetShow can deliver ASF streams using either multicasting or unicasting.

TIP: When multicasting an ASF stream, configure NetShow to provide a supplemental unicast source for the stream for any clients that cannot receive multicasts.

ASF is an acronym that stands for Advanced Streaming Format, related to Microsoft NetShow.


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