APPC File Transfer Protocol (AFTP)

Definition of APPC File Transfer Protocol (AFTP) in Network Encyclopedia.

What is AFTP (APPC File Transfer Protocol)?

APPC File Transfer Protocol is a protocol that provides file transfer capabilities for the Advanced Program-to-Program Communications (APPC) protocol. APPC File Transfer Protocol (AFTP) servers are the APPC equivalent of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers in the TCP/IP world.

Microsoft SNA Server can be used to establish AFTP connections to AS/400 or mainframe computers running the APPC applications suite. Users can then utilize standard FTP client software to transfer files between the SNA server and the AS/400 or mainframe host.

The optional AFTP service must first be installed on the SNA server. The installation can be configured so that the SNA server performs the function of an FTP-to-AFTP gateway. This will enable standard FTP clients to transfer files to and from the mainframe host. Advanced Program-to-Program Communications – AFTP is related to IBM AS/400.


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