Attribute Marker

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What is Attribute Marker?

Attribute Marker is a type of marker that can be set or cleared for files stored on the file allocation table (FAT) or NTFS file system.

Attribute Marker
Attribute Marker DIR /A

Attributes indicate whether a file is:

  • Read-only, meaning that it cannot be modified
  • Hidden, meaning that the file will not appear when its parent directory is listed at the command line
  • System, meaning that the file is a critical operating system file and should not be moved or modified
  • Archived, meaning that the file has been backed up
Attributes (Windows)
Attributes (Windows)

Attribute Marker in FAT and NTFS 

The above attributes can be set or cleared for files on both FAT and NTFS partitions. In addition, files on an NTFS volume can be marked as compressed. NTFS uses a number of other extended attributes internally. The term “attribute” can also refer generally to other file system information, such as time stamps, file size, link counts, and so on.


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