Batch Commands

Batch Commands is a special set of commands that are found only in batch files and enable special actions.

What is Batch Commands?

A special set of commands that are generally found only in batch files and enable special actions such as conditional processing. Any command supported by an operating system can be included in a batch file, but the commands listed in the table that follows are generally found only in batch files. These commands are all supported by Microsoft Windows 2000, while earlier versions of Windows might support only a subset of them.

Batch Commands
Batch Commands

Batch File Commands

callCalls one batch program from another while allowing the calling program to continue running
echoToggles command-echoing on or off
endlocalRestores environment variables set by a setlocal command
forUsed to run a specified command for each file in a set of files
gotoJumps to a specific line that is labeled in a batch file
ifUsed to perform conditional processing of commands
pauseSuspends processing of the batch file and waits for the user to respond
remUsed to insert remarks (comments) in a batch file for documentation purposes
setlocalInitiates localization of environment variables in a batch file
shiftUsed to change the position of replaceable parameters in a batch file


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