Built-in user account

Built-in Account is a type of user account that is created during installation.

What is Built-in Account (computer networking)?

In Microsoft Windows, Built-in user account is a type of user account that is created during installation. All computers running Windows 7 or Windows 10 have two built-in user accounts:

  • The Administrator account: Used to provide administrative access to all features of the operating system 
  • The Guest account: Intended to provide occasional users with access to network resources 

Depending on whether the computer is a domain controller, a member server, or a workstation, built-in accounts will be either local user accounts or global user accounts. A built-in account on a domain controller is a global user account that exists everywhere within the domain.

Build-in user account
Build-in user account

Users can log on to any machine in the domain using such an account, which provides administrators with the capability of administering a Windows NT–based or Windows 2000–based network from anywhere on the network.

On a member server or workstation, the Administrator and Guest accounts are local user accounts and exist only on those machines.

Rename the Administrator Account

Rename the Administrator built-in user account to make it more secure.


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