Computer Networking Acronyms

In this article, we’re going to show an extensive list of all the computer networking acronyms and abbreviations we could think of.

Computer networking acronyms

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This list of networking acronyms is sorted alphabetically. You can follow the links in this index for easy reference.

Acronym 2F-BLSR to CVoDSL

2F-BLSRtwo-fiber bidirectional line switched ring
2F-OBLSRtwo-fiber optical bidirectional link sharing ring
2F-UPSRtwo-fiber unidirectional path switched ring
4F-BLSRfour-fiber bidirectional line switched ring
4F-OBLSRfour-fiber optical bidirectional link sharing ring
AALATM adaptation layer
ABRavailable bit rate
ABTATM block transfer
ACRallowable cell rate
ADMadd/drop multiplexer
ADPCMadaptive pulse code modulation
ADSLasymmetric digital subscriber line
AFIauthority and format identifier
ANPAAL 2 negotiation procedure
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
APONATM passive optical networks
APSautomatic protection switching
ARIMAautoregressive integrated moving average
ARPaddress resolution protocol
ATMasynchronous transfer mode
ATU-CADSL transceiver unit at the central office
ATU-RADSL transceiver unit at the remote terminal
BASbroadband access server
BCDbinary coded decimal
BEbest effort service
BECNbackward explicit congestion notification
B-framebidirectional-coded frame
BGPborder gateway protocol
BIPbit interleaved parity
B-ISDNbroadband integrated services data network
BLSRbidirectional line switched ring
BPSRbidirectional path switched ring
BTburst tolerance
CACcall admission control
CASchannel-associated signaling
CBRconstant bit rate
CBScommitted burst size
CCITTInternational Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee
CCRcurrent cell rate
CCScommon channel signaling
CDRcommitted data rate
CDVTcell delay variation tolerance
CERcell error rate
CEScircuit emulation service
cHECcore head error control
CIconnection identifier
CIDchannel identifier
CIDRclassless inter-domain routing
CLECcompetitive local exchange carrier
CLPcell loss priority bit
CLRcell loss rate
CMcable modem
CMRcell misinsertion rate
CMTScable modem termination system
COcentral office
CoSclass of service
CPCScommon part convergence sublayer
CPScommon part sublayer
CRCcyclic redundant check
CR-LDPconstraint routing-label distribution protocol
CSconvergence sublayer
CSIconvergence sublayer indication
CTDcell transfer delay
CVoDSLchannelized voice over DSL

Acronym DBCE to G-PID

DBCEdynamic bandwidth circuit emulation services
DBRdeterministic bit rate
DCCdata country code
DCEdata communication equipment
DCSdigital cross connect system
DDS1digital subscriber signaling system no. 1
DDS2digital subscriber signaling system no. 2
diffservdifferentiated service
DMCRdesirable minimum cell rate
DMTdiscrete multi-tone
DOCSISdata-over-cable service interim specification
DoSdata over SONET/SDH or Denial of Service
DSdelay sensitive service
DSLdigital subscriber loop
DSLAMADSL access multiplexer
DSPdomain-specific part
DSS1digital subscriber signaling system no.1
DTEdata terminal equipment
DTMFdual-tone multi-frequency
EADPCMembedded adaptive pulse code modulation
EBSexcess burst size
ECONenterprise system connect
EDFearly deadline first
EDFAErbium-doped fiber amplifier
EDUencoding data units
EFCNexplicit forward congestion notification
EIAElectronics Industries Association
E-NNIexternal network node interface
ERexplicit rate
ER-TLVexplicit route TLV
ESIend system identifier
EXIextension header identifier
FASframe alignment signal
FCSframe check sequence
FDLfiber delay lines
FDMfrequency division multiplexing
FDMAfrequency division multiple access
FECforwarding equivalent class
FFfixed filter style
FIBforwarding information base
FICONfiber connection
FRPfast reservation protocol
FSANfull service access networks
FSCfiber-switch capable interface
FTTBfiber to the basement
FTTB/Cfiber to the basement/curb
FTTCfiber to the curb
FTTCabfiber to the cabinet
FTTHfiber to the home
GbEgigabit Ethernet
GCRAgeneric cell rate algorithm
GFCgeneric flow control
GFPgeneric framing procedure
GFP-Fframe-mapped GFP
GFP-Ttransparent-mapped GFP
GFRguaranteed frame rate
GMPLSgeneralized MPLS
GOPgroup of pictures
G-PIDgeneralized payload identifier

Acronym HDLC to MTU

HDLChigh-level data link control
HDSLhigh data rate DSL
HECheader error control
HFChybrid fiber coaxial
HO-DSPhigh-order DSP
IBPinterrupted Bernoulli process
ICDinternational code designator
ICMPInternet control message protocol
IDIinitial domain identifier
IDPinitial domain part
IEinformation elements
IECInternational Electronical Commission
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IFPInterrupted fluid process
I-frameintra-coded frame
ILECincumbent local exchange carrier
I-NNIinternal network-node interface
intservintegrated services
IPInternet protocol
IPCCIP control channel
IPPinterrupted Poisson process
ISDNintegrated service data network
ISOInternational Organization of Standards
ISOCInternet Society
ISPInternet service provider
ISUPintegrated service user part
ITUInternational Telecommunication Union
IWFinterworking function
JETjust enough time
JITjust in time
L2TPlayer 2 tunnel protocol
LACL2TP access concentrator
laserlight amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
LCASlink capacity adjustment scheme
LD-CELPlow delay code excited linear prediction
LDPlabel distribution protocol
LESloop emulation service
LFIBlabel forward information base
LIlength indicator
LISlogical IP subnet
LMPlink management protocol
LOHline overhead
LSAlink-state advertisements
LSClambda switch capable interface
LSPlabel switched path
LSRlabel switching router
LWPFlow water peak fiber
MBSmaximum burst size
MCRminimum cell rate
MEMSmicro electronic mechanical systems
MFASmulti-frame alignment signal
MFSmaximum frame size
MINmultistage interconnection network
MMBPMarkov modulated Bernoulli process
MMPPMarkov modulated Poisson process
MPLSmulti-protocol label switching
MSCmessage switching center
MTPmessage transfer part
MTUmaximum transfer unit

Acronym NAS to PVC

NASnetwork access server
NDFnegative dispersion fiber
NHLFEnext hop label forwarding entry
N-ISDNnarrowband ISDN
NNInetwork node interface
nrtPSnon-real-time polling service
NRT-SBRnon-real-time statistical bit rate
NRT-VBRnon-real-time variable bit rate
NSAPnetwork service access point
NSPnetwork service provider
NTRnetwork timing reference
NZDFnon-zero dispersion fiber
OADMoptical add/drop multiplexer
OAMoperations, administration, maintenance
OBSoptical burst switching
OCoptical carrier
Ochoptical channel
ODUOch data unit
OIFOptical Internetworking Forum
OLSAoptical LSA
OLToptical line terminator
OMSoptical multiplex section
ONToptical network terminator
ONUoptical network unit
OPSoptical packet switching
OPUOch payload unit
OQoSoptical QoS
OSFoffset field
OSIopen system interconnection reference model
OSPFopen shortest path first
OTNoptical transport network
OTSoptical transmission section
OUPSRoptical unidirectional path sharing ring
OUTOch transport unit
OXCoptical cross connect
PBSpeak burst size
PBXprivate branch exchange
PCMpulse code modulation
PCRpeak cell rate
PDHplesiochronous digital hierarchy
PDRpeak data rate
PDUprotocol data unit
PEprovider edge
PFIpayload FCS indicator
P-framepredictive-coded frame
PIMprotocol independent multicast
PLIpayload length indicator
PLOAMphysical layer OAM
PMDphysical medium dependent sublayer
PNNIprivate network-network interface or private network node interface
POFplastic optical fibers
POHpayload overhead
PONpassive optical network
POPpoint of presence
PoSpacket over SONET
PPDpartial packet discard
PPPpoint-to-point protocol
PPTpacket payload
PSCpacket-switch capable interface
PSTNpublic switched telephone network
PTIpayload type indicator
PVCpermanent virtual connection

Acronym QAM to SVC

QAMquadrature amplitude modulation
QoSquality of service
RADIUSremote authentication dial in user service
RARPreverse address resolution protocol
RDNrouting data node
RFCrequest for comments
RMresource management
ROCregional operations center
RSVPresource reservation protocol
RSVP-TEresource reservation protocol – traffic engineering
rtPSreal-time polling service
RT-SBRreal-time statistical bit rate
RT-VBRreal-time variable bit rate
SAALsignaling AAL
SANstorage area networks
SARsegmentation-and-reassembly sublayer
SB-ADPCMsub-band adaptive pulse code modulation
SBRstatistical bit rate
SCCPsignaling connection control part
SCRsustained cell rate
SDHsynchronous digital hierarchy
SDSLsymmetric DSL
SDTstructured data transfer
SDUservice data unit
SEshared explicit style
SECBRseverely errored cell block ratio
SEG-SSCSsegmentation and reassembly SSCS
SIDsilence insertion description
SLsignaling link
SNRsignal-to-noise ratio
SOAsemiconductor optical amplifier
SOHsection overhead
SONETsynchronous optical network
SPsignaling point
SPEsynchronous payload envelope
SRLGshared risk link group
SRTSsynchronous residual time stamp
SS6signaling system no. 6
SS7signaling system no. 7
SSADTservice-specific assured data transfer sublayer
SSCFservice-specific connection function
SSCOPservice-specific connection oriented protocol
SSCSservice-specific convergence sublayer
SSMFstandard single-mode fiber
SSSARservice-specific segmentation and reassembly sublayer
SSTEDservice-specific transmission error detection sublayer
STFstart field
STMsynchronous transfer mode
STPsignaling transfer point
STSsynchronous transport signal
SVCswitched virtual connection or switched virtual circuit

Computer Networking Acronyms TAW to xDSL

TAWtell and wait
TCtransmission convergence sublayer
TCAPtransaction capabilities application part
TEterminal equipment
TGtrunk group
tHECtype head error control
TNAtransport network administrative
TNEterminal network element
TOHtransport overhead
TSthroughput sensitive service
TTLtime to live
TUPtelephone user part
UBRunspecified bit rate
UGSunsolicited grant service
ULSRunidirectional line switched ring
UNIuser network interface
UPIuser payload identifier
UPSRunidirectional path switched ring
USG-ADunsolicited grant service with activity detection
UUIuser-to-user indication
VCCvirtual channel connection
VCELvertical cavity surface emitting laser
VCIvirtual channel identifier
VDSLvery high data rate DSL
VoIPvoice over IP
VoMPLSvoice over MPLS
VPIvirtual path identifier
VPNvirtual private networks
VPCvirtual path connections
VTGvirtual tributary group
WANwide area networks
WDMwavelength division multiplexing
WFwildcard-filter style
xDSLx-type digital subscriber line