Eseutil is a command-line tool for version 5.5 of Microsoft Exchange Server.

What is eseutil?

A command-line tool for version 5.5 of Microsoft Exchange Server. Eseutil can be used to defragment, repair, and check the integrity of the following Exchange Server databases:

  • Directory database (dir.edb)
  • Private information store database (priv.edb)
  • Public information store database (pub.edb)

Eseutil works at the Joint Engine Technology (Jet) level and attempts to find and repair inconsistencies. You can also use eseutil to defragment these databases, resulting in a database size reduction.



Eseutil replaces the earlier utility edbutil that was used with Exchange Server versions 4 and 5.


Use this utility with caution, and make sure that you have backed up the information store and directory databases first! Microsoft recommends using this utility only when troubleshooting Exchange Server problems in consultation with Microsoft Technical Support.


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