Account Operators Group

What is Account Operators Group?

In Microsoft Windows system, Account Operators Group is a built-in group whose users can create, delete, and modify the properties of users, global groups, and local groups. The Account Operators group exists only on domain controllers and has an empty initial membership.

Account Operators Group

The Account Operators group has the following preassigned rights:

  • Log on locally
  • Shut down the system

Additionally, members of the Account Operators group have the ability to create, delete, and modify user and group accounts. In Windows NT, members do so using User Manager for Domains. In Windows 2000, members use Active Directory Users and Computers.


Members of the Account Operators group cannot modify the membership or rights of the following built-in groups:

  • Administrators
  • Account Operators
  • Server Operators
  • Print Operators
  • Backup Operators


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