AUI connector

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What is AUI Connector?

AUI is an acronym for Attachment Unit Interface connector, a standard 15-pin connector device for thicknet or 10Base5 cabling. The AUI connector on the free end of the drop cable attaches to the DB15 connector on the network interface card (NIC). The NIC has an AUI port connector for connecting the drop cable.

AUI Connector
AUI Connector

The other end of the drop cable typically connects to a transceiver. The transceiver is then joined to the thicknet cabling using a vampire tap that pierces the cable jacket and insulation to make a connection.

Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) pinout

An AUI connector is a DA-15 (D-subminiature). It has a sliding clip in place of the thumbscrews normally found on a D-connector to hold two connectors together. This clip permits the MAU and MAC to be directly attached to one another even when their size and shape would preclude the use of thumbscrews.

3DO-AData Out Circuit A
10DO-BData Out Circuit B
11DO-SData Out Circuit Shield (not used)
5DI-AData In Circuit A
12DI-BData In Circuit B
4DI-SData In Circuit Shield
7CO-AControl Out Circuit A (not used)
15CO-BControl Out Circuit B (not used)
8CO-SControl Out Circuit Shield (not used)
2CI-AControl In Circuit A
9CI-BControl In Circuit B
1CI-SControl In Circuit Shield
6VCVoltage Common (0 V)
13VPVoltage Plus (+12 V)
14VSVoltage Shield (not used)
ShellPGProtective Ground


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