Domain Guests

Domain Guest is a built-in group on Microsoft Windows Server networks that does not have any preassign system rights.

What are Domain Guests?

A built-in group on Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 networks. The Domain Guests group simplifies administration of users on the network. It is a global group and does not have any preassigned system rights. The initial membership of the Domain Guests group is the sole user account called Guest.

Domain Guest
Domain Guest

Other user accounts that are added to this group gain the rights and privileges equivalent to those of the Guest account and can perform actions similar to those of the Guest account.

Domain Guests are typically users who are given occasional, temporary access to network resources.


On Windows 2000–based networks, the Domain Guests group is created by default in the Users organizational unit (OU) within Active Directory. Normally, the only member of this group is the Guest account, but on a Windows NT server with Internet Information Services (IIS) installed, additional guest accounts are created for use by IIS.

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