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What is HTML Extension (HTX)?

HTX, stands for HTML Extension, is a text file with the extension .htx that is used by Microsoft Index Server (Indexing Service in Windows 2000). An HTML Extension (HTX) file is used to format the result set issued by Index Server in response to a catalog search query. These catalog search queries are issued using an Internet Data Query (IDQ) file. HTX files are also used by the Internet Database Connector (IDC) to format the result set of a database query.

HTX - Index Server (Microsoft)

The .htx file formats the result set of a query into a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) page that the user who issued the query can read and understand. The .htx file acts as a template for formatting the result set and consists of HTML statements with additional tags and specific read-only variables such as

  • CiMatchedRecordCount, which contains the number of records that match the query
  • CiRecordsPerPage, which indicates the number of records on the next page
  • CiContainsFirstRecord, which is 1 if the page contains the first record of query results and 0 otherwise


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