Network Monitor Agent

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What is Network Monitor Agent?

Network Monitor Agent was a Microsoft Windows NT service that allows a computer to capture all traffic on the local network segment, which it can then collect centrally and display on a computer running Network Monitor. Network Monitor Agent also provides the Network Segment object for Performance Monitor.

Connect to Network Monitor Agent
Network Monitor Agent

You can install Network Monitor Agent in Windows NT, and you can install a similar service in Windows 95 and Windows 98, by using the Network utility in Control Panel. (See the Admin folder on the Windows 95 or Windows 98 CD.)


To install Network Monitor Agent in Windows NT, use the Network utility in Control Panel. Then use the Network Monitor Agent utility in Control Panel to configure, capture, and display packets to prevent unauthorized monitoring of your server. Installing Network Monitor Agent also enables the Network Segment object in Performance Monitor.

To start the Network Monitor Service from the command line use the command:

C:> net start nmagent


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