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What is TN5250?

TN5250 or, Telnet 5250, is a form of Telnet service for letting users access AS/400 systems over a TCP/IP network using a TN5250 client terminal emulator.


How It Works

TN5250 (Telnet 5250) is to the AS/400 what TN3270 is to the mainframe. A TN5250 service included with Microsoft SNA Server lets TN5250 clients connect to AS/400 systems using SNA Server without installing TCP/IP on the AS/400. TN5250 offers full 5250 terminal emulation, including hot backup and security features similar to those included with the TN3270 service.

TN5250 provides 5250 workstation emulation that supports almost all the field attributes and keyboard sequences of a “real” SNA 5250 except text assist. TN5250 has a natural and intuitive look and feel; no conversion is required inside the AS/400. TN5250 provides workstation emulation only and does not include file-transfer or printer-emulation services.

External references: TN5250 for Windows 7/8/10 (MochaSoft)


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