Username in networking

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What is Username (in networking)?

Username is a unique identifier that enables a user to log on to a computer or network. A typical example is “jsmith” or “jeffs” for a user named Jeff Smith. Usernames are part of a user’s credentials, which include the username, password, and domain name.

Each user on the network must have a unique username so that his or her personal folders can be protected against unauthorized access and for administrative purposes such as auditing.

Username in networking


When a user requires access to a Microsoft Windows Server network, the administrator or account operator must first use the tool User Manager for Domains to create a user account for the user, specifying the username, password, domain, group memberships, and account restrictions. On a Microsoft Windows-based network, the administrator or the account operator can use Active Directory Users and Computers to create and manage user accounts, and account restrictions can be created and managed using group policies.

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