X.400 Connector

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What is X.400 Connector?

X.400 Connector is a type of connector that is available as an optional component of Microsoft Exchange Server.

X.400 Connector
X.400 Connector

The X.400 Connector can be used in several ways:

  • To link two different sites in an Exchange organization for messaging connectivity and directory replication. One advantage of using the X.400 Connector for this purpose instead of the Site Connector is that you can use the X.400 Connector to control both the size of the messages and the schedule for routing them.
  • To link two different sites in an Exchange organization by using a public or private X.400 messaging network as the messaging backbone.
  • To provide messaging connectivity between an Exchange organization and a foreign X.400 messaging system.

The X.400 Connector works with several different network transports, including these:

  • TP0/X.25 for X.25 packet-switched networks
  • TP4/CLNP for connecting to host-based systems
  • TCP/IP


Use the X.400 Connector instead of the Site Connector to link sites that are connected by dedicated or leased lines with a bandwidth of 64 Kbps or less, because the X.400 Connector uses about 30 percent less bandwidth than the Site Connector for communication overhead.

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