Accessibility Wizard

Accessibility Wizard was a Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows 2000 utility for configuring a computer for individuals with impaired visual or motor skills. Accessibility Wizard is an alternative to Accessibility Options for configuring computers for individuals with disabilities.

Accessibility Wizard
Accessibility Wizard for Windows 98

How it works

To start the Accessibility Wizard, choose Accessories from the Start menu. Then from the Accessibility program group, choose Accessibility Wizard. Note that in Windows 98, you might have to install the Accessibility Tools to gain access to the wizard.

The wizard leads the user through a series of questions concerning his or her disability and configures mouse, keyboard, and display properties to meet the particular need.

This tool gives administrators the ability to configure workstations for individuals with physical impairments by leading the user through a series of screens that he or she can then respond to in real-time.

Using the Accessibility Wizard is generally more convenient than using the Accessibility Options property sheet to configure accessibility settings. The wizard’s final screen lists the accessibility options that have been enabled.


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