Administrators Group

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What is Administrators group

In Microsoft Windows NT, a built-in group existing on all servers and workstations, whose initial membership consists of the Domain Admins group (on domain controllers only) and the Administrator user account (on all computers running Windows NT). In Windows 2000, a built-in group with similar membership.

Administrators Group
Administrators Group

The Administrators group has full rights on all user-accessible processes on a computer running Windows NT or Windows 2000. For example, on a Windows NT domain controller, the Administrators group has the right to

  • Log on locally
  • Access the computer over the network
  • Take ownership of files
  • Change the system time
  • Configure auditing and manage the security log
  • Shut down the system
  • Back up and restore files and directories
  • Force shutdown from a remote system
  • Load new device drivers
  • Add computers to the domain in Windows NT and Windows 2000


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