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List of articles beginning with the letter “B”.

  • Backup


    Definition of Backup in the Network Encyclopedia. In this page What is Backup? Backup strategy Possible backup strategies Backup type Effects of Backup Operations on the Archive Attribute What is BACKUP? Backup is simply a copy of important data. Performing regular backups is one of the main components of a company’s disaster recovery policy, and…

  • Boot Loader Menu

    Boot Loader Menu

    Definition of Boot Loader Menu in the Network Encyclopedia. What is Boot Loader Menu? Boot Loader Menu is a menu that appears when you boot a computer with the Microsoft Windows NT operating system installed. The boot loader menu appears during the boot loader phase of Windows NT startup, and it is displayed by the…

  • Boot

    Boot is a term used to refer to the process of starting a computer, as in the phrase, «Please boot the computer.» The term «boot» also refers specifically to the series of steps by which a computer locates and loads the operating system once the power is turned on.

  • Bandwidth Explained!

    Bandwidth Explained!

    In general, Bandwidth is the difference between the highest and lowest frequencies in a given range of frequencies for an analog signal. For example, if the lowest and highest frequencies a telephone line can carry are 300 Hz and 3300 Hz, the telephone line can accommodate a bandwidth of 3300 – 300 = 3000 Hz,…

  • Boot Sequence

    Boot Sequence

    Boot sequence is the series of steps that occurs when an operating system boots on a machine.

  • Boot.ini

    Boot.ini is a hidden and read-only text file on the root of the system partition of that is used to create the boot loader menu.

  • Boot Files

    Boot Files

    Boot Files are files needed to boot an operating system on a computer.

  • Backup Site Controller (BSC)

    Backup Site Controller (BSC)

    Explore the outdated yet educational concept of Backup Site Controller (BSC) in Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ) environments. Understand how modern solutions have replaced it for better fault tolerance and load balancing.

  • Backup Catalog

    Backup Catalog

    Backup Catalog is a representation of the results of performing a backup of servers on a network.

  • Backup Domain Controller (BDC)

    Backup Domain Controller (BDC)

    A Backup Domain Controller is a Microsoft Windows NT domain controller containing a read-only copy of the master domain directory database located on the primary domain controller (PDC).

  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

    Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

    BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is a standard TCP/IP protocol based on the distance-vector routing algorithm that enables groups of routers to share their routing information in an efficient manner.

  • Breakout Box

    Breakout Box

    Breakout Box is a troubleshooting tool used to determine the wiring of an RS-232 interface on a networking device or computer.