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Welcome to the profile of Miguel Vieira Pinto, a computer networking and technology passionate, frequent contributor to the Network Encyclopedia. With a passion for educating and sharing knowledge, Miguel plays a pivotal role in making Network Encyclopedia a premier source for technology insights.

Miguel Vieira Pinto - CEO Ciberforma (Sep 2011)


  • Full Name: Miguel Vieira Pinto
  • Educational Background: Major in Industrial Engineering and Management, Postgraduate Studies in Industrial Management.
  • Professional Experience: Instructor in ‘Network Administration’ and ‘Network Operating Systems’ for the Technological Specialization Course in Networks, taught at EPRAMI, Portugal (2004-2005). Also served as an instructor for ‘Network Administration’ and ‘Systems’ in the same Technological Specialization Course in Networks, conducted at ETAP, Portugal (2004-2005). CEO and co-founder of Ciberforma Lda (owner of the Network Encyclopedia website).
  • Areas of Expertise: Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, Computer Networking, Network Administration, Windows Server.
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Author’s Philosophy:

Technology is both fascinating and astounding. From the discovery of the earliest sculpted stone tools to the invention of the wheel that eased the transport of heavy elements, and now to the realm of artificial intelligence, the human spirit’s curiosity and restlessness are truly incredible. It is with this same spirit that Miguel Vieira Pinto dedicates a significant portion of his time to producing content that helps deepen our understanding of these incredible technological leaps. Drawing from the knowledge of esteemed authors in computer science and technology, such as Kurose, Tanenbaum, Stallings, Donahue, Forouzan, Gibson, and many others, and assisted by generative AI tools, Miguel creates content that elucidates both the basic and advanced concepts of the technology world.

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Miguel also writes for the Ciberforma blog, focusing his articles on business management, particularly in the context of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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