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  • RS-422: Understanding the Basics

    RS-422: Understanding the Basics

    RS-422, a serial communication standard, stands as a cornerstone in the realm of data transmission. Developed to overcome the limitations of earlier standards like RS-232, RS-422 is renowned for its ability to maintain signal integrity over longer distances and in electrically noisy environments. This robustness makes it a go-to choice for industrial applications, where reliable…

  • Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC)

    Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC)

    RSAC stands for Recreational Software Advisory Council, a nonprofit organization with a content advisory system for Web sites on the Internet. The system, known as RSACi (Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet), allows Web site administrators to rate their sites according to degrees of potentially objectionable content. There are four types of content, each…

  • Unpacking Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

    Unpacking Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

    Delve into the exciting world of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), demystifying its functions, applications, and importance in today’s digitally driven era.

  • RS-232: Serial Interface

    RS-232: Serial Interface

    More properly known as RS-232C, is a widely implemented serial transmission interface developed by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) that is used for connecting data terminal equipment (DTE) such as computers or terminals to data communications equipment (DCE) such as modems, packet assembler/disassemblers (PADs), or serial printers.

  • Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC)

    Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC)

    The Regional Bell Operating Company, also known as RBOC, is one of the regional telcos that was created as a result of the breakup of American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T), or one of their successors.

  • Relative Path

    Relative Path

    Relative Path is the hierarchical path that locates a file or folder on a file system starting from the current directory.

  • Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS)

    Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS)

    RRAS stands for Routing and Remote Access Service is a feature of Windows Server operating systems family that provides additional support for TCP/IP internetworking.

  • Routing Table

    Routing Table

    A Routing Table is an internal table that a computer or router uses to determine which router interface to send packets to, based on their destination network addresses.

  • RPCPing: Remote Procedure Call Ping

    RPCPing: Remote Procedure Call Ping

    RPC Ping is a client/server utility included with Microsoft Exchange Server for testing for remote procedure call (RPC) connectivity between two locations on a network.

  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

    Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

    Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a message-passing programming technology developed by Sun Microsystems and extended by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) that allows an application to execute procedures and interact with services on a remote computer on the network.

  • Remote Boot: A Comprehensive Guide

    Remote Boot: A Comprehensive Guide

    Discover the Remote Boot technology, its use cases, and how it differs from Local Boot. Ideal for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Learn also what the Remoteboot Service (Windows NT service) was.

  • Understanding RADIUS: Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service

    Understanding RADIUS: Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service

    RADIUS is a protocol for authentication, authorization, and accounting of remote access connections using dial-up networking and virtual private network (VPN) functionality.