Cold Boot

Definition of Cold Boot in the Network Encyclopedia.

What is Cold Boot?

Cold Boot is Restarting the computer by turning the power switch off and then on, or by shutting down the computer, turning it off, and then turning it on again.

If you perform the first type of rebooting, open files will not be properly closed and data can be lost. However, this method ensures that memory is cleared and devices are properly reset.

Cld boot

An example might be when you reconfigure the settings of a legacy modem using the modem utility in Control Panel.

You might find that you must cold boot your machine in order for the new configuration settings to fully take effect.

Remove the Power

Even when shut down, computers may occasionally retain settings in RAM. The only way to absolutely guarantee RAM is cleared is to remove the power source, which means unplugging a desktop computer or removing the battery in a laptop. Laptops with non-removable batteries are typically cold booted (reset) by holding down the power button for 10 or more seconds. Sometimes another key or button must be pressed along with the power button.


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